Virtual Private Servers

With full NVME SSD storage dedicated solely to you, our virtual private server hosting gives you the flexibility and control to build exactly the website you want.

VPS Plans

Whether you’re building one high performance site or an army of them, our plans flex to your needs.


Experience The Power Of A VPS!

Cloud technology has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade, but a lot of platforms can be overwhelming and complicated. We strive to provide the ultimate performance and flexibility you need without confusing and time-draining deployments. Within minutes you can have your own Cloud Instance deployed, pre-configured and managed by our technical team, without paying absurd fees. Whether your building a new app, looking to serve high traffic to your website, or to provide hosting for your clients, we have a fast and easy solution.

  • Deploy your Cloud Instance and be online in minutes. No prolonged setup process.
  • Our cloud platform is built leveraging state of the art technology and premium hardware.
  • Beginner friendly platform without any previous experience required to get started.
  • Budget friendly instances that allow immediate room for growth without downtime or migrations.
  • Everything you need to be successful. Multiple control panel options including 1-Click app management.
  • Trained server experts available 24x7x365 that are happy to help you ensure you’re running with ease.

Why Choose BLK Host for Your Hosting Needs?

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will fully refund your hosting costs.

Built-in Security

Keep your website safe from loss, theft, hackers and malware.

99.9% Uptime Commitment

With multiple redundant networks and generators, your website will always be online!

Fast NVME SSD Servers

We pride ourselves with providing the latest technology for blazing fast speeds.

NVME SSD Drives for all Plans

At BLK Host, our focus is to ensure that you get the fastest hosting solutions so your site runs at top speeds. This is evident by being one of the very few providers to offer NVMe Hosting! With NVMe costing over 8 times a comparable SATA drive, they are rarely used in an enterprise setting. BLK Host is different. We strive to get you the fastest, most reliable product with top industry technology.

How much faster is NVME storage? The short answer is roughly 30 times. Your typical SATA 5400RPM drive has a read/write speed of 110MB/s. Our NVME drives have a read/write speed of over 3400MB/s!

What does that mean? Copying a 10GB file would take your typical hard drive over 1 minute and 40 seconds. For an NVME drive, it would just take a little over 3 seconds!

What is the benefit of VPS?

Easily spin up your own virtual cloud instance to build, manage, and grow your application or business. Complete root access allows for extreme flexibility; you can customize everything to meet your specific needs. Add resources on demand to grow without prolonged downtime or complicated migrations.

If you're developing a new application/website, it can be hard to measure the exact resources you need for your project. Using our pay as you grow pricing, you can easily develop your application without overpaying for un-needed resources.

Forget wasting time on server configurations and management; our technical team handles it all. Simply deploy your own cloud instance and spend time on your application/business without the headache of having to update/install server components.

We understand what it's like to get a burst of traffic creating to need for immediate resources to help keep your website/application loading fast. Easily scale your resources on demand without migrations or prolonged downtime. Pay as you grow!

Our entire private cloud is powered by top of the line hardware. You can choose between our high end Solid State Drives protected by Raid 10 or our blazing fast NVMe drives protected by Raid 1 powered AMD EPYC CPUs. Amazing performance that's affordable.

Our Managed Cloud Instances are independent of physical infrastructure, providing the ultimate performance, reliability, security, and scalability you deserve. Be in complete control over your development and have the flexibility to make changes without expensive hardware expenses or complicated migrations.

Do you have questions about VPS hosting?

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